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Store nyheter i Wirecast 4.1.4

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Telestream Wirecast 4.1.4 er nå klar for nedlasting.

Store Nyheter i denne versjonen:

Nyhet! Støtte for Logitech C920. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Nyhte! Støtte for Blackmagic DeckLink Quad, Intensity Extreme (Thunderbolt) og UltraStudio 3D (Thunderbolt) produkter(Mac OS X & Windows)
Nyhet! Nye streaming destinasjoner lagt til samt oppdatert GUI. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Nyhet! Oppdatert preset liste. (Mac OS X & Windows)
Nyhet! Oppdatert GUI for tilpassing av presets . (Mac OS X & Windows)

Andre nyheter:
• New! Help functionality now available directly from Desktop Presenter. (Mac OS X & Windows)
• New! Added a Gather Support Documents feature to assist in reporting issues with Wirecast to Telestream Support. (Mac OS X & Windows)
• New! MainConcept codec will be used when selecting QuickTime H.264. (Mac OS X &Windows)
• Improved video quality for Flash (Mac OS X & Windows)
• Greatly reduced latency when working with the Teradek Cube. (Mac OS X & Windows)
• Fixed crash that occurred when upgrading from 4.1.3 for a select group of users. (Windows)
• The Master Audio Meter is now displayed by default. (Mac OS X & Windows)
• Addressed issue with GPU resizing resulting in improved broadcast quality. (Windows)
• Fixed Help URLs, previous entry points prevented links in documentation from being live. (Mac OS X & Windows)
• Can now save encoder preset when audio codec is MPEG4 AAC Spanish Language. (Windows)
• Fixed an issue where launching a document containing references to an unused Blackmagic DeckLink capture card caused a crash. (Windows)
• Fixed an issue where Respect Aspect Ratio checkbox did not hold state when Wirecast was restarted. (Windows)
• Fixed an issue where USB devices still appeared when device was disconnected. (Mac OS X)
• Fixed crash when loading a document that contains either Linksys WVC80N or Sony SNC-RZ50. (Windows)
• Fixed embedded timecodes in Flash H.264 streams. (Mac OS X & Windows)
• Fixed issue with Broadcast and Recording timers skipping. (Windows)
• Fixed issue with Blackmagic DeckLink and Desktop Presenter shot turning to question marks when adding or removing new system device. (Mac OS X & Windows)
• Fixed crash when using scoreboard in Japanese language. (Mac OS X & Windows)
• Fixed issue where cropping a shot automatically causes the shot to snap back to center of the production window. (Mac OS X & Windows)
• Fixed issue where custom capture sizes with Desktop Presenter on secondary display weren’t grabbing the right part of the screen. (Windows)
• Fixed crash when changing canvas size with Roland VR-3. (Windows)
• Fixed crash when Broadcast button is pushed when encoding to certain QuickTime H.264 settings. (Windows)
• Source Settings dialog now translated into all supported languages. (Mac OS X & Windows)
• Fixed issue where cropping a shot from the Vixia camera causes it to move off the edge of the edit window canvas. (Windows)
• Fixed authentication and connection mechanism for Ustream. (Mac OS X & Windows)
• Fixed crash when streaming to BTLive for 20 hours or longer. (Mac OS X)
• Fixed crash when attempting to stream to non-operational secondary server. (Mac OS X)
• Fixed issue where VP6 disk recordings were marked with an incorrect duration. (Windows)
• Fixed issue where Desktop Presenter Select Screen Region did not work correctly on secondary displays. (Mac OS X)
• Improved quality of stretched Desktop Presenter sources. (Mac OS X)
• Fixed issue where Direct Show Filters were not working with AJA Kona card. (Windows)
• Fixed issue where scoreboard «Thin Pipe» caused dropped frames and high CPU usage. (Mac OS X)

• Fixed issue where incorrect error dialog was shown in response to wrong username/password usage when broadcasting to Sermon.net. (Mac OS X & Windows)
• Fixed issue where live shot connections are lost when hot-plugging devices (i.e. headphones, USB cams, microphones, HDV Firewire). (Windows)
• Multiple Logitech c920 cameras are now displayed with unique names in the Source Settings dialog. (Windows)
• Fixed issue where adding a Sony SNC-RZ50 shot caused a crash. (Mac OS X)
• Fixed issue where cropping a Pipeline video source horizontally stretched the image. (Mac OS X)
• Fixed issue where External Display Output froze when changing the canvas size. (Windows)
• Fixed issue where Chroma Key color was incorrectly identified when using Pipeline or Blackmagic devices. (Windows)
• Issue streaming to Android 2.1 via Wowza when Baseline is selected fixed. (Windows)
• Fixed crash that occurred when adding a Teradek Cube shot with no source. (Windows)

Eksisterende kunder kan laste denne ned fra vår nedlastningsside, oppgraderingen er kostnadsfri. Ta kontakt med oss for mer informasjon om dette fantastiske produktet.